Sunday, February 20, 2011

Resources for the Homeschooler

Wow! Today homeschooling families have tons of curriculum options available to them! This is a big change from what it was a decade or two ago. Parents often had to use public school texts, Christian school texts, or just make their own. In reality, this is why there is such a plethora of really good curriculum options. The last generation of homeschoolers DID make their own, and are now offering them to us for our enjoyment.

Homeschool is now the fastest growing method of educating in America. This is obviously not what the public school system "tenured" teachers want to hear. Yet, what option do we have if the system isn't working? America is the land of freedom, of opportunity, and of choice... parents can exercise each of those options each day they choose to educate their own child.

There are so many good options available out there for the beginning homeschooler that it may seem very confusing. Though this blog is dedicated to seventh grade online curriculum, I hope to point you to the "tried and true" curriculum that is available. Our family actually uses a mixture of both text, computer, and online curriculum.

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