Thursday, February 10, 2011

Your Decision to Homeschool

So, you have been thinking about homeschooling? Every family that makes this choice has a different reason for doing so. From physical reasons, to educational reasons, to religious reasons each family has their own unique "reason" for choosing to homeschool their children.

We are blessed to have the right to choose what type of education that we, THE PARENTS, deem best for the children that WE brought in to this world. For the most part, parents are seeking what they can do to make life better for their children. Parents know their children better than anyone else in the world, and often intuitively know what they need. Yes, parents are not omniscient, but they also aren't idiots. Parents are usually the best educators for their children.

Typically, beginning homeschool parents are a bit gun shy of "teaching" the whole curriculum themselves. This is easily remedied by the various great online homeschool curriculum options that are out there. I have been a teacher for many years in a private school, but when I chose to homeschool all of my 6 children I chose to incorporate an online curriculum called Time4Learning into our studies. It works great for us and even helps me to keep records of their grades.

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