Sunday, March 20, 2011

Tips to Start off Right

Parents, who are new to homeschooling, ask me frequently what I would suggest that they did to start things off right. It really isn't just an easy cut and dry question. There are many things that I would suggest, but to sum things up there would be about five things that would be the most important.
  • Enroll in a homeschool school program or submit your declaration of homeschooling to your county.
  • Determine which homeschool curriculum you should use by matching it to the needs of your children. Look at their learning styles and determine what type of curriculum would make them fly!
  • Keep attendance records - remember you can count your field trip days!
  • Keep good grade records - try to make each child a year end report card. I keep their tests for a few years, as well.
  • If your current curriculum is a source of daily frustration... CHANGE IT! It's better to waste a little money (try to sell on ebay) than to suffer for a whole year.

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