Sunday, April 10, 2011

Teaching Responsibility

It never ceases to amaze me at the great people that homeschooling produces. I have met a lot of young adults that are homeschooled and they are just really great people. Sadly, they are young people that are diametrically the opposite of what we often find in the school systems. The homeschooled young person is typically a mature, responsible, respectful young adult. But why?

I personally think that homeschooling teaches the young person responsibility simply by its nature. The nature of homeschooling brings the student to finding things out on their own, taking responsibility for their own actions, and the individuality that working independently brings. I also believe that removing the peer pressure from the mix of adolescence changes the whole scope of things. Instead of focusing on having the "best" clothes, and the right boyfriend, and listening to the coolest music - the homeschooled student can simply wear their jammies and focus on their seventh grade science! Staying at home removes alot of the issues of our modern society pressures.

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