Friday, May 20, 2011

Basic Requirements for Seventh Grade

It is often difficult for homeschooling parents to keep track of the state standards that are present for each grade level. Some parents just school their children without worrying about their grade level or where the state thinks they should be at particular stages.

However you view this - go for it. However, if you are concerned about where your student needs to be at or above public school students - there are a few things to know.

1) Seventh grade should be able to read at grade level.
2) Students should be able to write a cohesive paper of considerable length, using prewriting, drafting, rewriting, and final writing.
3) In mathematics, number and operations, geometry, algebra, data analysis and probability is covered.
4) For seventh grade science, students should study cells and genetics, biology, and beginnings.
5) Seventh graders should be able to study geography, government/civics, economics, and general history.

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