Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Get Busy Writing

Writing is often considered a difficult subject matter. Many students run away from essay writing, writing exercises or even creative writing. In reality, there are many ways that writing can be a subject of enjoyment and one that students actually look forward to. As we have posted previously blog writing is an excellent way to encourage your student to write.  Yet, finding your students point of interest or something that they are passionate about, will give them cause to write creatively from their heart.

Of course, interest is key to writing, yet practice is the thing that produces proficient writers. Yes, the writer needs the tools - good grammar, syntax, punctuation, spelling and vocabulary. Once the student has the tools in hand, proficiency in writing comes only one way... practice, practice practice.

Have a student who doesn't want to write? Find their interests and encourage them to write about them, and then have them write, write, write... The more they write - the better they will be!

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