Monday, October 10, 2011

History Alive?

Ok, so many kids think seventh grade history is boring...if it is presented with dry, dusty, boring facts - it IS boring. Who can remember facts...dates...unconnected bits of information? BUT what would happen if we switched things up a bit and made history become a subject full of application and even experience? What do you think would happen?

Yes, of course, students would actually begin to like history - begin to enjoy studying and learning about what happened years before they were born. If we could get students to see that learning from history's mistakes, helps us to realize what not to do in the present. If we can use the mistakes made in history to learn from - the future can be made better. Yet, still making application from history may not be enough to get them excited. How about visiting history... seeing where it took place. Making concrete connections from real places to actual events in history. This is key to making history real for our children!

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