Thursday, October 20, 2011

Seventh Grade Science

Seventh grade science is an important subject. The presentation of science for this grade is extremely important. Seventh graders will enjoy science and enter into an appreciation of how scientific principles apply to real life when they have had the opportunity to experience it. Science cannot be a dry word based subject, especially for this grade level.

Incorporating a subject type curriculum that makes an application of principles to real life is a great way to help the seventh grader enjoy science. We enjoy the homeschool curriculum Apologia. This was written for the especially for the homeschooler, and attempts to incorporate practical concrete concepts into the seventh grade curriculum. We also enjoy using the Time4Learning curriculum to augment our science studies. This curriculum uses a web based curriculum that allows for interaction and an exciting format to engage the students in learning. In any case, there are many great opportunities for the homeschool student to make science exciting!

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