Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Legacy...

Homeschooling has so many advantages. I know we've spoken of many of these in our other posts. From the flexibility that homeschooling provides to the many options it leaves us in teaching our children, homeschooling has a great effect on families. Homeschooling allows for much more family time than I would have if my children were gone for 8 hours every day.

Just recently I have been thinking about just how fast time has been going by. Our weeks seem more like days. I feel like I am watching my children grow up in fast forward. I want so desperately to slow it down. Remember what it was like when we were young? Time seemed to stand still. Now that I am older and I want to hang on to every minute, it slips like water through my fingers. Because of this, I am determined that I am going to make every moment count.

Each day my children get another day closer to being grown up. I want so desperately to be sure that I have invested my all into making them great adults. I want to be sure that I am leaving a legacy that will be passed down to my grandchildren, and then to their grandchildren. A legacy of care and commitment, of love and appreciation. I want to make each day count to be part of the legacy when I am gone...

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