Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Technology in Education

Have you ever wondered what our future holds? Well, judging by the past, I would say that it hold more technological advances. We will probably see things that we could never imagine would come to pass. But, how does this apply to education? Truly it must apply, or we really cannot say that we are educating our children for the future. Without technology training how can we say our children are prepared to face their future?
Yes, we must give each child technological training. Education today must model real life application of technology. If not, we cannot truly be preparing them. I look at young people today and see kids who don't socialize - they social network. Kids that don't talk, they text. Children who have the world at their fingertips as they carry around their smartphones. It is unbelievable, but it seems as if this is our future. Wouldn't it be wise for homeschoolers to make sure that their children are well versed in technology and the application of it to life and the work force? Yes, true education prepares the whole person. Education includes reading writing arithmetic but also life skills. Technology is becoming such a part of our daily lives that it would be nearly be considered life skills. Make sure that as we educate, we don't forget preparation for the future.

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