Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Homeschool and Standardized Tests

I hated standardized tests when I was school. I always did well on them, but I hated the pressure and the importance that was placed on them. No one cared if I actually learned anything, they just cared that I scored high enough (even if my correct answer was nothing more than a good guess).

When we started homeschooling, that was one thing I wanted to make sure I didn’t do…put SO much importance on testing. I wanted them to study to learn, not study to test. Retaining what they were taught, rather than cramming for a test then forgetting more than half of it right after the test was done. So whenever we have a test we need to do, it was just another lesson. No worries. No announcements that it was test day. No pressure.

Homeschool standardized tests are handled no differently around here. I hate that we have to do them, but the law requires it. Even so, they know it’s a test, but because we haven’t made tests such a big deal, they aren’t nervous or anxious when they start. They treat them as any other lesson (albeit a more boring lesson, lol) and they do their best.

If you are homeschooling family, how do you handle tests (standardized or otherwise)?

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