Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Computer Time and Your 7th Grader

If you’re anything like we are, then technology has become a big part of your life. Computers seem almost inescapable today, especially if you homeschool and don’t use a traditional homeschool curriculum (traditional like a complete boxed program, or textbooks). Of course, letting your 7th grader have access to a computer opens up other things – like gaming, for instance. Chances are good that your student (like ours) is going to want to spend some time with online games. Minecraft, anyone? ;)

There’s nothing inherently wrong with this as long as you make sure the games he or she wants to play fit with your family’s morals and views. The real problem becomes how much time is wise? This can be pretty hard to determine, but we found that we needed to limit it to no more than an hour or so per day really. We use extra game time as a reward for doing well in studies, but keep “regular” play time to a minimum. If we didn’t, they would eat, sleep and breathe games, lol!

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