Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Conquering the Fear of Math

My oldest son, now 12, didn’t get the best start when it came to math. We have joked for years, even before we started homeschooling, that daddy wouldn’t be able to help the kids when it came to math. He’s horrible at it. And that’s by his own admission, not something I say to be mean or pick on him about.

Unfortunately, our kidding gave my son a terrible case of math anxiety. He was nervous about doing math, long before he ever started calculating anything, lol!

We have stressed over the years that we don’t have any undue expectations from him, but having a child that anxious can over a school subject can be tough. Fortunately we found an online math program that helps calm his nerves. He can work at his own pace and the material is presented in a way that seems to stick with him. It also helps that he can re-do a quiz or test that he doesn’t do so well on, so he doesn’t have a bad score looming over him and causing him to dread the next lesson.

Have you discovered any tips for overcoming any homeschool anxiety in your “classroom?”

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