Sunday, November 18, 2012

Teaching Creative Writing

My seventh grader loves to write. No, not handwriting. He’d rather stab his hand with a pencil, than actually use the pencil for its intended purposes, lol. But he enjoys the writing process. He doesn’t enjoy structure writing, like an assigned essay, but he does enjoy putting together and telling a good story.

For someone with no creative writing talent, like myself, that can be daunting to teach. I can help him with grammar, sentence structure, even mechanics. But that’s about it.

I was looking for a program that would really take that responsibility from me (nope, not ashamed to say that!) and fortunately I found just that. He is going to start his first of many online writing courses from Time4Writing soon, and we are both looking forward to seeing how those go. Fingers crossed that this may also segue into something beneficial for my younger child who at the moment wants absolutely nothing to do with writing… :)

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