Thursday, January 3, 2013

Evolution, Creationism or…both?

Religious beliefs and preferences tend to play a huge part in many families’ decision to homeschool. Maybe they aren’t comfortable with their children being exposed to other spiritual beliefs, maybe they just want to make sure that they have instilled their faith, and passed it on to their children, to the best of their ability.

Most subjects aren’t really affected by religion. After all, math is math and spelling is spelling. But when you get into science, and even history, you find the great debate. Evolution or Creationism.

Our family is learning about both. Yes, that’s possible. We are Christian in faith, but we don’t disagree wholeheartedly with certain parts of evolution theories. So we expose our boys to both. In our day we may have a lesson about Creationism, and at the same time we study its counterpart in homeschool evolution.

Learning about something doesn’t mean you have a deep seeded faith…and that goes both ways. Those who don’t believe in Creationism can still learn about it without turning away from evolution, and vice versa.

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