Monday, May 26, 2014

My Homeschool Year

With the school year almost over, I like to look back at the past homeschool year. It is so fun to think back about all of the things we have learned, the field trips we took, and all of the fellow homeschoolers we have met. One of my favorite field trips, I think, has to be zip lining. We went to visit a local museum and, to our surprise, they had zip lining. My child loved it! What a unforgettable experience we all shared together.
I think homeschool co-ops and new school year "meet & greet" was my another of my favorite times this year because I got to meet fellow homeschoolers. Getting to meet new people who have just begun their journey is always fun. We have all been new to homeschooling once in our life. It is just such a wonderful feeling when you can help support others who are just starting out. So, those were my "favorites times" of this homeschool year. I hope everyone else had a great year too :)