Monday, March 9, 2015


As homeschool moms and dads, we are always looking for new teacher resources to help in our homeschool. Today, I'd like to share with you all one of my favorites, simple flashcards. In my opinion, flashcards are to often under appreciated nowadays. Yes, there are flashier, more expensive teaching aids, that do work very well. But let me tell you why I like using flashcards.
For starters, making flashcards for kids is super easy, cheap, and they work. Another great thing about flashcards is you can use them for any subject and for any age, math to foreign languages, Pre-K all the way through college and beyond.
If you do choose to add flashcards into your schooling, you can also take it one step further, by letting your kids help or make the flashcards on their own. Letting them be a part of the creating process, can actually help them learn the material because it reinforces the information in another way. So, if you have never used flashcards before, then I hope now you will give them a try ;)

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